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Do you believe your journey is worth a mention? Want to submit a guest post?

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Your blog post will have your info in the block at the end, so make sure to prepare a short bio, your social media links and your photo.


We allow 1 do follow backlink in your author’s bio or the blog post.

If you’re looking to write a blog post and promote your service by including a specific link and anchor words, please be honest beforehand. That’s a sponsored blog post, and we charge $5 for it. The link will be marked as Sponsored, per Google’s guidelines. Payments are made via PayPal.

As all other posts, those posts remain permanent and will be promoted equally.

Do your best to interlink some of the previous blog posts.

Outbound links should be to reputable, literate, related websites, or in some cases other blogs.

We reserve the right to:

  • remove/change the links/anchor for non-sponsored links
  • edit links

Your article must be unique, interesting and informational.

  1. Unique means 100% copyscape pass. This rule is due to the need to maintain a good SEO and Google position. Following this rule is a win-win, because it allows Google to rank the article better.
  2. Interesting means that you can cover many topics around those that we’ve stated, and even if you have a fresh view on something that we already wrote about, you can submit that too.
  3. Informational means that there should be an external source of information so that our readers can learn more about the topic. Usually, we’d prefer 3 outlinks, but if what you wrote is more on the side of a personal opinion, 2 are the minimum.

Don’t submit copied content.

Do your best to have at least 800 word count.

Once the article has been submitted and published at Motivation Humpday, we reserve the right to further edit or modify the content for SEO optimization. We will do so with our best ability to keep your voice and tone intact.