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8 Ways to Deal with Work Burnout and Cool Down

Sometimes you just have to force yourself to stop working and remember that the company actually doesn’t care for you. Still, this can be hard if you’re working from home, and you might easily feel the work burnout.

You might think that work burnout only affects your day-to-day life, but in the long run, your sleeping schedule, motivation, and productivity are also compromised.

Here’s what you can do to alleviate burnout at work, and make sure that you’re really done once you clock out.

Short-term Work Burnout

When speaking of signs of burnout at work, you might feel low on motivation and energy, notice that you make more mistakes, or feel frustrated. Sometimes the signs of job burnout include headaches and fatigue. Short-term work burnout is easier to deal with because you’ll only have to focus on one day at a time. Here’s how.

1. Remember why You’re There

You might be the only breadwinner in the household. Your children depend on you. You have a goal that you must fulfill or the money that you have to collect to buy that thing. There’s gotta be a reason why you work at a certain job, and you should take the time to consider your goals. Write them down, and place them on your desk. 

Remember what Homer did at his job post? That probably helped him deal with work burnout!

work burnout help
Homer and his motivation

2. Take Breaks

You are entitled to a break! Keep telling yourself that. Get up, go get a cup of coffee, stretch for a bit. Play a few songs, or listen to a short ASMR vid. There are numerous ways to pause your mind while you’re working, all you have to do is find whatever works for you. And remember – digital detox will do wonders.

3. Work in a Good Environment

There’s hardly an ideal office, and oftentimes, you’ll have to swallow a lot. Nevertheless, keep your focus on your immediate surrounding. Organize your desk and keep your office clean and updated. A lot of the times you might feel the temporary work burnout and stress while you’re looking for something, but you can’t find it. Use storages to organize and you’ll spend less time looking for that piece of paper!

4. Leave some Obligations for Tomorrow

Repeat after us — not everything needs to be done today. Use any tool to schedule your tasks, and do your best to work on the most important ones at the start of your shift. That’s who you’ll be able to relieve yourself of some minor things that can be done tomorrow, or even be outsourced.

Long-term Job Burnout

Whatever you feel now will become more emphasized, and you’ll notice that it’s harder for you to do your job. Long-term burnout is the result of you ignoring the early signs of a short-term one. Of course, this type of work burnout demands more work (no pun intended) to set you back on track and restore your motivation and productivity. This is what you can do.

5. Meditate

Use some time after work to become devoted to your mind. Many meditation practices can help you achieve mindfulness and peace. Meditation will help you understand where you’re at, how you feel, and provide you with insights into what you can change to feel better.

6. Really Leave the Office

The key is to:

  • not answer your work phone
  • not open your emails
  • notify your bosses that once you’re done, you’re done
  • if you work at home — shut the door to your home office

This should be enough to make you feel as if you really left the office. Now go and pick one of the best TV shows out there.

7. Occupy Yourself

Sometimes you might realize you’re thinking about work because there’s nothing else “on the menu” to think about. Luckily, you can spend more time outside, or with your family and loved ones. watch something relaxing, or sign up for dancing classes. In time, you’ll realize you’re thinking about your hobby, and not the unfinished work.

8. Leave the Known Environment

If you feel like you struggle with work burnout, leaving the known environment might be the key to feeling better. One type of vacation you can consider is glamping – a special type of camping. Glamping is defined as a version of camping and is derived from the words “camping” and “glamour.”

With glamping, you’ll get luxurious comfort and still keep the touch with nature far away from all the work issues that bother you at home. You’ll get back feeling super rested – possibly even more than if you were in a hotel!


Work burnout can be a tough thing to battle, but if you pay attention to your daily reactions, you’ll be able to react in time. there are many signs of job burnout that can tell you that you need to work on them immediately, so don’t wait. Take regular breaks and relax while you work, and make sure to tell yourself that some things can be done later. Occupy yourself with stuff other than work, and do your best to spend time doing the things you love.

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