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3 Chill Tips to Help You Find Your Passion Right Now

Did you know that the majority of successful people are successful only because they love what they do?

Are you now wondering how to find your passion?

A 9-5 job does not have to be the only thing you think about. Pursuing your passion and doing it to earn your living is possible and it’s the best thing you can devote your time to. 

Passion is like a fire that is present in all of us, we just need to find it and keep it ignited. Luckily, it is simple to identify what you’re passionate about.

Think about what do you love doing

There is a possibility that something you already love doing is your passion, but you have yet to figure it out. 

The biggest issue is that we often quit performing the activities we love as we reach adulthood. For example, you used to play guitar in high school and were actually good at it. 

Even though you loved it a lot, you got into college, and the pressure of getting good grades and securing your future just made you quit. Eventually, you began working, and your dream of making a band vanished. 

Regardless, if playing guitar was your passion, you can start doing it again. 

Eventually, you might get to fulfill your goal and start a band. In return, this will keep you highly motivated to continue improving, get the chance to cast away your boring 9 – 5 – and maybe even plan a tour. 

If, on the other hand, you don’t become famous for your playing, at least you have a good time. Plus – you can always play for your friends and family. 

Consult your friends and family 

Think about getting a little guidance from somebody who has a different perspective than you. 

You might stumble upon two roads while you work on discovering your passion, and choosing one could be tough. At this moment, think about the saying a friend in need is a friend indeed.’ 

Ask your friend for advice and you’ll surely get some help. True friends can advise you well and help you get where you want to be. 

Also, don’t forget your family. Consult with them as they too can provide another set of eyes, point you in the right direction, and tell you how to find your passion. 

Do you know someone who has uncovered their passion and is successful at it? Then why not ask them how they did it. One brief conversation will give you ideas, inspiration, and knowledge you never knew you needed. 

Brainstorm with a pen and paper

Can’t think of anything that you are passionate about? Grab a pen and a paper and jot down anything and everything you’re enthusiastic about. 

Even better – just look around your surroundings, your home, computer, inspirational movies, glance outside your window, write down everything that comes into your mind that you think you might like doing

Journaling is a great way of finding out what you love and what your passion truly is. At this point, no idea is too bad. Once you’re done writing down all of it, take a good look at each idea and self-assess your interest. You’ll ultimately narrow down the list which will come in handy to you later.

Test but don’t quit too early 

Finding your passion doesn’t mean that you give up your job, business, studies, or anything else. If you already have a job then start slowly, make your passion your hobby, or perhaps a part-time career.

Doing this for a few months will show you how you feel about it and if it is really your passion or just some random interest that you don’t care much about. 

It is smart to give your passion a test run before committing to it as a full-time career (if that’s possible at the moment). 

Once you’re determined about what you just tried and confident enough that it’s the thing that gets you going, then there is no problem with taking some risk and pursuing your dreams. 

Just keep this in mind – whatever path you embark on, you mustn’t quit your job and other social roles until you’re happy where you’re at and you can make a living. 


If you’re wondering how to find your passion, know that the road you might take won’t be easy. You’ll have to take on some responsibilities. You might feel confusion or self-doubt and question whether you made the right choices. 

Remember to give yourself some time, and you will find your passion. Once you do so, your day-to-day life will be more satisfying and purposeful than it ever was.

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