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9 Irrational Things to Immediately Stop Worrying About!

You’ve undoubtedly found yourself wanting to stop worrying about irrational things for the last two years. Still, some stuff you’ve been stressing over are simply not worth it. Here are the top 10 irrational things to stop stressing about that are definitely out of your control.

1. Social Media

Did you know that some people rent airplanes to take photos and pretend they’re flying to a vacation?

This is why social media is the first on the list of irrational things to stop stressing about.

It might seem unreal to us mortals who barely have any money for bus travels, but it’s true. They get their gang together, chip in, rent a plane, and do their best to convince you that they’ve been somewhere.

Social media is a complete mess, and instead of being a way of sharing lovely moments from your life, it turned to a rat race for likes, sponsors, and Photoshopped photos.

Ignore the numbers for a day or two and focus on yourself. The Internet won’t disappear for 24 hours (and if it does, you’ll have bigger problems for sure!) so your likes and followers can wait.

2. “The right time”

You might get a feeling that there’s “the right time” for some things in your life.

You don’t have to have your business fully developed by 35.

You don’t have to have children by 29.

There’s no “perfect time” to marry.


Because you don’t know whether you’ll even get out of the bed tomorrow. That might seem like a hard truth, but that’s how it is. Look at what pandemic did to the world.

Some of those who waited for the ideal moment never got to witness it, because they died.

Now, you don’t need a disease to wake you up and make you stop worrying about irrational things, right?

Do what you want to, when you feel it’s right. This approach will also minimize the chances of you self-sabotaging in the long run.

3. Being Perfect

You need to realize one thing — nothing in this whole wide world is perfect.

Okay, maybe some computer-rendered images are — but living beings are not.

Your body is flawed, thoughts are a mess, and whatever you do can cause a chain of events that can ruin your life. Instead of obsessing about perfection, consider all the beauty within you and around you.

You’ll soon find that you love many imperfect things and people and that their flaws aren’t a problem. The same goes for you!

4. Rushing Yourself

The era of the Internet provided you with the fastest way to get information, but it doesn’t stop there.

Your attention is all over the place, and you’re used to things happening quicker than usual.

Brands and companies need to rush things up, since they have no other way of grabbing your attention because your attention span is less than three seconds. Everything needs to load faster.

But you don’t.

You can — and in some cases have to — take time for whatever you need to do and stop stressing over these irrational things.

After all, doing something fast doesn’t mean you’ll end up doing quality work. Chances are you’ll miss the important details that can ruin whatever you were working on.

5. Someone Who Ignores You

If someone is ignoring you, do them a favor and ignore them back.

They aren’t worth your attention at all. People have various reasons to do various things, and most of them have very little sense.

For some reason, those who are ignored will focus on those who ignore them, and as soon as they quit, the ignorant fellows will realize what they’ve lost. Ignore them back and save your time.

6. Hating Everything and Everyone

We know a hating soul is hard to change, but why waste your time and stress when people will ignore you anyway?

The best you can get is a hateful comment back at you, and who even enjoys that?

Hate is sometimes justified, though.

If something is deeply hurting your beliefs and you find it to be wrong, you are free to hate. But just for a second think about the other person — maybe they simply need help.

7. Only Work and No Play

Your day has 24 hours and it’s up to you to make them count. Once you’re done with your work, do your best to leave it behind you, and devote your time to something you love.

This will increase your productivity and help you feel better. Being focused only on your work is simply not worth it.

8. Fake Friends

If you’re the only one that needs to call, pay, chat, invite — you’re dealing with a fake friend.

There are many reasons why someone would pretend to be friends with you, and you don’t even need to start thinking about it.

Ditch them off and focus on finding someone who will reciprocate. If you fail to have friends in real life, know that you’re not alone. There are wonderful communities online (Reddit or Quora to start) where you can easily find someone to be an online friend with.

People are lonely, and that’s normal, but nobody should have to deal with fake friendships.

9. Looking for Something That’s Not There

Just like with fake friendship, waiting for something to happen if you didn’t act on it is among the irrational things to stress about.

The mere fact that you didn’t do anything to contribute to some event means that the event itself would have very little meaning to you. You have two choices here.

  • Stop focusing on what’s not to come
  • Do everything in your power to make it a reality


These were the top 10 irrational things that you should stop stressing about. Change your habits and you’ll realize that these things are not worth your time and effort. It may be difficult to shift your perspective for some of these, but the harsh reality is that you never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Allow yourself to live a healthy and happy life.

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