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6 Steps to Create a Daily Routine That Fits Your Life

We all desire to have good habits but forming them is not that simple. However, if you create a daily routine, you can easily prioritize all your tasks and establish a balance work-life balance. Keep reading to learn how to create a daily routine, what a perfect daily routine is like, and find some apps to help you.

Why do people need routine? 

A daily routine will help us establish priorities, minimize procrastination, keeping track of goals, use time wisely, and more. Creating good daily habits isn’t easy and getting rid of bad ones is a tough task. 

When you create a daily routine, forming good habits becomes manageable, you work every day with more devotion, focus, and energy and have more motivation to be productive. 

Why should you create a daily routine? 

Create a daily routine, as it can structure your whole day and boosts productivity. A daily routine will keep you on the path which leads to the achievement of your long-term goals because it will keep you regularly working towards them. 

The best thing a daily routine will do is create a much-needed work-life balance. This way you get to do your work efficiently without compromising your time with family, friends, and yourself. 

A good daily routine is the best self-investment you can make.

What is the perfect daily routine?

perfect daily routine is not just about work and personal life but also about taking care of your mental as well as physical health. A good schedule normally starts with a nutritious and healthy drink along with breakfast. 

A solid breakfast will also give you the energy to kick start your day and remain active. Wake up early in the morning and you’ll have much more time in your hand the whole day. 

Finally, a great schedule is incomplete without some exercise. Still, if you are not a fan of exercise then a morning walk wouldn’t hurt you much. 

Skip checking your emails as soon as you open your eyes. Instead, schedule your emails at a specific time during your working hours.

Your schedule shouldn’t be just filled with tasks, so remember to add breaks adequately. 

After work, spend a decent proportion of your time on your hobbies or anything that you love doing and makes you happy. 

Don’t forget to hydrate yourself from time to time throughout the day, and if possible find 15-20 minutes for daily meditation or at least give your eyes a break from the device screens before going to bed.

If you’re stuck, try stealing a daily routine from your favorite famous person

create a daily routine

How do I create a daily routine?

Now that you know how useful a daily routing is, let’s see how you can create a daily routine that maximizes your productivity and brings out the best of you each day.

1. Make a list 

Grab a pen and notebook, jot down each personal and work-related task that you need to complete daily throughout the week. Brainstorm and write down everything that you do on a daily basis, regardless of how small the task is. That’s right, write down even ‘brushing teeth’. No need to organize the tasks at this moment, just make a list. 

2. Mark priorities

Once you’re done preparing your list, grab a highlighter or something to mark every task that is a priority. For example, answering phone calls at work, reading a book, or exercising for your relaxation and satisfaction.

3. Perform similar tasks together

Saving time is the best thing you can do to promote your productivity and keep the daily schedule relevant updated. Perform similar tasks together. This is how you’ll save a good amount of time. For example, if you need to sweep and dust the house then consider doing them one after another.

4. Optimize tasks

Once you’ve successfully created a weekly schedule for your task, sit back and look into it while finding spots where you can optimize. For example, you go grocery shopping on Monday but if your schedule is packed with other important tasks too then schedule grocery shopping on a day when you have fewer tasks to get done. 

5. Organize

Order all your tasks in 4 sections of the day. ‘Morning’, ‘Midday’, ‘Afternoon’ and ‘Evening’. Most people prefer to schedule tiring tasks in the morning when their energy level is at maximum and you can do anything. However, this depends on your energy levels. 

Midday is usually for light work, sometimes house chores too. Finally, the evening is for winding up the tasks, clearing your schedule for the day, and preparing for tomorrow. 

6. Be flexible

Follow your schedule for a week or two and adjust wherever needed. Don’t hesitate to alter tasks and change the schedule if you think it will help you better. It might take a few weeks until you finalize a list that perfectly balances your work and life, so be patient and keep following your goals. 

Is there an app to help me create a daily routine? 

Following a rock-solid daily routine actually leads to a successful and more purposeful life. 

If you think that writing down daily routines is old-fashioned, then consider downloading some mobile apps that can help you create a daily routine handily. 

Here’s a small list:

  1. Alarmy– To help you wake up early every morning.
  2. Streaks– For managing and tracking habits effectively.
  3. Todoist– A great productivity app for scheduling, tracking, and managing all your tasks.
  4. Habitica– A fun gamified approach app for meeting your goals.
  5. Loop Habit Tracker– You can build good habits using this app.

(Read more about apps for time blocking and apps that will help get things done to select the one that fits)


Creating a daily routine may sound daunting at first but once you generate a list of tasks and follow it, you will experience better productivity, improve habits, and keep your mental and physical health in check. One more thing – feel free to change your schedule when you feel like it so that it suits your daily life.

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