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9 Awesome Motivation Apps Will Make You Move!

More than ever, it’s important to stay motivated and keep your body and mind in great shape. The Coronavirus caused shutdowns worldwide and wrecked many people’s normal lives, making it harder to physically and mentally take care of oneself.

Luckily, app developers had already created an arsenal of motivation apps that definitely came in handy throughout the pandemic. But what are the best motivation apps, and how can they help you?

*Note* All of these apps can be downloaded on iOS or Android!

Physical Motivation Apps

The pandemic forced many people to stay home, increasing the risk of everyone becoming a couch potato. In fact, a study conducted by Jana Network Open f found that men and women tended to gain 1.5 lbs each month as the pandemic continued.

Physical motivation apps can help you stick to a workout routine or lose the weight you gained while munching popcorn and watching Netflix. Let’s check out our favorites.

1. Charity Miles

$: Free

Charity Miles is an app that uses your own desire to help your favorite charities motivate you into exercising.

Backed by corporate sponsors like Johnson & Johnson, Garmin, Del Monte, and others, every step you take donates money to your preferred charity, such as ASPCA, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, and many more.

Feel good while working out to feel great with Charity Miles!

2. Jefit

$: Free with ads. $6.99/month or $39.99/year to remove ads.

If you’re already motivated to workout but don’t know where to start, Jefit is a great choice.

With this app, you can create your own workout plan and conveniently track your workout history. There are 1400 exercise programs to choose from, offering plenty of variety for anyone who gets bored with the same workout routine every day.

The best part of this type of motivation apps is that they’re not just a workout apps. They offer workout plans that cater to building muscle, improving your strength, or losing weight.

Users enjoy that variety. They also enjoy being able to compare their workout plans, routines, and histories with other users in the Jefit community.

3. Lose It!

$: Free. Premium features can be accessed for $39.99 per year.

Boasting that users have lost 110,105,866 lbs altogether, Lose It! is a popular weight loss app offering a variety of tracking features for everything from food, calories, water intake, and even macronutrients.

Another feature loved by its users is called Smart Camera. Simply take a photo of your food and the app will help you log it in properly, accounting for everything from calories to portion size.

This app also features an active user community.

Mental Motivation Apps

Mental health took a big blow during the coronavirus pandemic, and with the numbers of infected growing across the country, it’s safe to say that we’ll continue to need new ways to help our mental health.

Even the CDC notes that mental health is in jeopardy. Check out this helpful page about coping with the excess stress of a global pandemic, and please reach out to any of the phone numbers on that page if you are having a mental crisis.

If you’re just looking to stay a little more motivated, these mental motivation apps will surely help you out.

4. Moodflow

$: Free. Premium features can be accessed for $3.49 a month.

Moodflow is an app tracking exactly what its name suggests: the flow of your moods.  Every day, you’ll be prompted to make an entry in your Moodflow journal. Each entry starts with a sad face to smiley face scale to indicate your overall mood for the day and this is why this is one of the best motivation apps out there.

After that, you’ll choose from a list of positive and negative emotions, pick out the activities you’ve engaged in throughout the day, and even enter your sleep schedule, physical activities, and social interactions for the day. Those suffering from physical or mental conditions will also appreciate the ability to plug in our medications and symptoms.

After several days’ worth of entries, users can then check out charts that help them track their moods. This makes it easier to tell what does and doesn’t make a difference to your mental health, which can then help you figure out what does and doesn’t motivate you mentally.

5. MindShift CBT

$: Free

With anxiety being the most common reason people lose mental motivation, the MindShift CBT app is a tool for relieving anxiety and bringing the mind back to more stable ground. The app is built on science from cognitive behavioral therapy (hence the CBT in the name) and utilizes proven strategies for anxiety relief.

You can use this app in several different ways, all focused on helping you achieve a better mental status. Features like Coping Cards, Chill Zone, and Check In help you get into a better headspace in a short period of time.

For ongoing mental motivation, the app lets you experiment with taking small steps to overcome fears, build your confidence, and set goals for everything from your health to your overall life.

6. ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations

$: Free with in-app purchases

Looking for a relatively simple way to build up your confidence and keep yourself mentally motivated? The ThinkUp app uses positive affirmations (sentences that you say to yourself as a sort of mantra) to help you reshape your thinking and change your habits.

This is one of those motivation apps that offers a selection of different affirmations that you choose and allows you to record them so you can listen to them instead of having to speak them aloud. While self-guided, positive affirmations have been proven to work – but only if you keep up your positive thinking.

This app is useful for that, as you don’t have to put in as much effort, but can still hear your affirmations every day.

Task Motivation Apps

Physical and mental motivation both depend on the same thing: Completing the actual tasks themselves. Many people struggle with motivation not just because they need guidance, but because it can be difficult to remember everything that needs to be done.

That’s why a great task motivation app can make the difference in keeping up with your motivation as a whole. Here are our favorites!

7. Google Keep

$: Free

From lists to reminders, the Google Keep app offers many ways to keep yourself motivated and this is why it’s on our list of motivation apps. This app has a simple, clean design intended to make it easier to keep up with your different notes within the app. You can draw, take photos, and even record sound, enabling you to build your task list in whatever way is easiest for you to keep up with.

One of our favorite features in Google Keep is the ability to create checklists and reminders. Especially when it comes to task motivation, receiving a notification that directly links to your daily task list makes it easy to remember what you need to do. Plus, you’ll feel immense satisfaction each time you check off your tasks!

8. Habitica

$: Free

“Gamify Your Life.” With a tagline like that, how can you go wrong?

Habitica takes your daily routine and turns them into quests, much like a video game. You’ll create an avatar and get rewarded whenever you check off your tasks, including things like armor, pets, skills, and more.

Another neat reward system is in-app gold. You can use the gold you’ve obtained by finishing your tasks to buy items in the game, or you can build your own rewards system that caters to your favorite activities.

Also like a video game, Habitica enables you to play with other people. The app features monsters that you can team up against and fight – so you better finish those tasks and gear up!

9. Trello 

$: Free (There are paid versions if you’re wanting to use this for your business team!)

Trello is definitely more of a business-minded task app, but it’s also incredibly handy just for daily life.

With Trello, you first create your board. The board is fairly customizable, even allowing you to choose certain colors for certain items and put up your own custom background. On the board, you build lists with tasks cards, enabling you to separate out everything you need to do in an easy-to-read fashion.

Once you complete a task, you can then archive it or, if you like to see what you’ve completed for the day, you can create a separate list to place your completed tasks. You can also build checklists, add attachments, and place deadlines on your task cards.

If you’re looking for a good way to communicate with your roommate or family members, Trello is great for that. With the built-in labelling system, you can assign different colored labels to different people so that everyone can keep up with their own task list. It’s a lot easier than a chore board!


Whether you choose a free motivation app or decide to pay for one, these motivation apps are our favorites because they all have proven results. Ready to get your life in order? Grab your phone and pick one of the apps above!

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