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Fascinating Jobs With 4-day Work Week: Examples and Platforms

We all desire jobs with 4-day work week. This amount of work proved to be ideal to help us achieve a work-life balance that’s sustainable and highly beneficial.

Why do more companies not offer jobs with 4-day work week?

That, unfortunately, we don’t know. It might take a long time for CEOs and managers to realize that only a happy worker is productive, and that stretching people to work 40+ hours a week increases stress among employees.

Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t look for jobs with 4-day work week – or that we can’t create them.

Do I need some skills?

Naturally, you’ll have to have some prior knowledge before you start looking for jobs that pay a good salary with only 4-days of work. Keep in mind that many of those jobs require specific set of skills, some of which you may have to practice before you start.

We know that skills take time to perfect. That’s why we’ll talk about how to get into the gig economy and scale your current skills while saving enough time to learn something new. Remember – the sky is the limit. If you know how to do it, there’s probably a market for it. The examples of jobs we’ll mention serve only to get you thinking. Get deep into research and we promise you’ll find a job to start with.

What are careers with 4-day work week?

Many people are brainwashed to think that freelancing is only related to offering services on Upwork and working online. In a way, freelancing is connected to the gig economy – it’s a part of it. Companies around the globe are ready to hire an experienced remote worker to help with a certain task, just like they’re ready to hire a temporary worker to set up their physical servers, for example.

Jobs with 4-day work week exist both online and offline. Besides standard freelancing platforms and online CVs, you can look around the real world and see what’s missing.  

There’s a world of the gig economy that can help you land great jobs with 4-day work week that will give you enough flexibility in life and motivation to learn new skills to land better jobs in the future.  

And it’s actually quite simple to enter, using both online and offline tools.

Best 4-day work week jobs

Think of it like this – what is it that you do well that others might need?

Are you a good driver?

Do you have experience in cleaning homes?

You can combine your passion and knowledge and offer your services to both companies and individuals around you (online and offline).

Online examples of jobs with 4-day work week

The standard online examples of jobs with 4-day work week include, but are not limited to classic freelancing work like writing or website development (again, if you have the skills). Besides these standard online jobs where you’ll depend on the intermediary (platform) until you land long-term clients, you can also work remotely on jobs that will require that you spend some portion of your time online. These jobs can be:

  • Customer service rep
  • Customer order specialist
  • Product manager
  • Any other part-time job

Offline examples of jobs with 4-day work week

jobs with 4-day work week

Naturally, there’s a high number of jobs with 4-day work week that you can land offline. These jobs might be related to:

  • Driving
  • Electricity
  • Pet sitting
  • Babysitting
  • Different types of associates
  • Warehouse jobs
  • Nursing
  • Events

The biggest catch with these jobs is that people are not persistent in looking for new opportunities and applying to the job openings they found. Then they become demotivated and remain in their current workplace, missing all the opportunities.

The best platforms to find jobs with 4-day work week

You’ll want to start looking for work online since 4-day work week jobs are more common in the online realm. The best platforms to start are:

  • Upwork – good for beginners and experienced freelancers
  • Simplyhired – classic job board
  • Reddit – there are many other Reddits besides r/jobs, use the search bar to find them
  • Craigslist – the classic job board
  • LinkedIn – excellent for networking as well
  • Contra – you’ll want to join Contra’s Slack to get extra access to the job board
  • Task Rabbit – great for offline gigs
  • Angel List – for gig workers willing to work with startups
  • Snagajob – also great for offline opportunities

Can you create a 4-day work job?

Let us get into your head for a minute.

As the famous Joke quote says: If you’re really good at something – don’t do it for free.

Nothing is stopping you from creating your website and offering your services locally and globally.

You don’t have to actually “create” a new job – all you have to do is get clients to contact you.

Still, this might take some time, and if you feel unmotivated at your current work, you can always start working on your side-gigs to feel better. Learn how to promote yourself and your services on social media and continuously work on networking – that’s the key to landing the best jobs with a 4-day work week.

Final Word

Managing a long-ass work week while you have obligations waiting for you at home is definitely too tiresome. Luckily, today you have access to jobs where you can work for only 4-days each week and still earn a decent salary. Still, these jobs come at a cost of spending more time honing your skills and applying to open positions.

Start with what you have now, and work your way up the ladder. Chances are you’ll land your dream gig a few months down the road.

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