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Download 14 Get Things Done Apps to Boost Productivity in 2021

There are so many apps to help you get things done. If you’re struggling, keep reading to choose the best get things done apps to boost your productivity.

Many of these get things done apps are based on productivity expert David Allen’s Getting Things Done method. Others are based on Francesco Cirillo’s Pomodoro Technique, a time management technique. What’s more – almost all of them provide free plans.

1. Due

Price: $6.99.

Due is a calendar software that will remind you of upcoming deadlines. Set due dates and postpone reminders using 12 presets and customized timings. Due is one of the get things done apps that can also analyze dates and hours you input or speak and suggest times and dates for you. Keep your reminders and timers in sync across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac via iCloud or Dropbox.

2. Wrike

Price: starts at $9.80/month

Wrike is a project management and collaboration application. Dashboards, processes, request forms, and more can all be customized. Instantly share files, tasks, and reports. Visual proofing and automatic approval solutions might help you speed up the feedback process. Gantt charts are used to visualize plans and progress. Use sophisticated communication technologies like voice commands, smart responses, and document processing to communicate more effectively.

3. Flow

Price: starts at $6/month

For teams, Flow is a task and project management software. Flow is one of those get things done apps that create a news feed for you that contains updates on work you’ve been assigned, tasks you’ve delegated, and updates on tasks you’re following. Name, project, start or due date, priority, and assignee may all be used to sort and filter task lists and boards.

4. Pomofocus

Pomofocus Tool

Price: Free

Pomofocus is a desktop and mobile browser-based Pomodoro timer that can be customized. Add your daily chores, set the timer, and choose your first project to work on. When the alarm goes off, focus on that job for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. Repeat until all of your chores have been completed. Make a report on your short-term and long-term projects.

5. nTask

Price: starts at $3.99/ month

nTask is a project management platform that may be used as a personal to-do list app or as a complex collaborative task manager. These kinds of get things done apps help you create specialized workspaces, assign them to appropriate teams, and interact via team chat and task comments. Identify critical tasks and do them first. Add tasks and due dates to create Gantt charts.

6. Calendly

Price: start at $8/month

Calendly is a meeting scheduling application that eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails. Calendly can verify availability and let you connect with up to six of your calendars. Distribute meetings to your team automatically depending on availability and priority.

7. FacileThings

Price: starts at $7/ month

FacileThings is on our list of get things done apps since it incorporates the Getting Things Done technique into your everyday routine. It may be used to collect resources, define the purpose of each resource, and assess your system on a regular basis. Keep track of your activities to keep track of your development. Email, Evernote, Outlook Calendar, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Twitter accounts may all be linked to FacileThings.

8. Nozbe

Price: Personal plans begin at $8 per month, while Team plans begin at $19.

Individuals and teams can use Nozbe to prioritize and manage work. Share projects with your team, assign tasks with a single click and add comments or files to tasks and projects. Invite others to collaborate with you without requiring them to have a Nozbe account. Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Office documents are all supported.

9. Toggl Track

Price: $9.99

Toggl Track is a time management application. Use the online app, desktop app, mobile app, or browser extension to track time blocks for a task, a project, or tags. Track every app or website you use for more than 10 seconds and convert the information into time entries. With a single swipe, you may convert your calendar events into time entries. Toggl Track may be set up to provide time-entry suggestions based on the software you’re using.

10. Nirvana

Price: starts at $5/month

Nirvana is another one of the get things done apps that utilize the Getting Things Done method. It allows you to record, clarify, organize, and reflect. Create projects, create recurring to-do lists, and get involved now or later. Filter for tasks that fit your time and energy constraints. When you’re at home, hide work-related projects, and vice versa. On particular days of the week, get a focus list emailed to you first thing in the morning.

11. Notion

Notion Tool

Price: free; Premium plans start at $4/month

Notion is a task list, product roadmap, and design repository all in one shared workplace. To manage and modify any process, create lists, tables, Kanban boards, and more. For your team’s long-term memory, create a common knowledge base. To start a conversation, leave a comment anywhere and provide your coworkers’ names. Individuals or teams can have different degrees of access to edit, comment, or read.

12. Focus To-Do

Price: Free; Premium in-app purchase is $8.99

Focus To-Do is another one of the get things done apps that use the Pomodoro Technique-based time and task management. Set a timer for completing a job and concentrate entirely on that activity until the timer expires. Organize and manage your plans and to-do lists. Make a timetable and set up reminders. Examine the amount of time you spend at work and the things you’ve done.

13. Todoist

Price: free; Premium plans start at $3/month

Todoist is a task management tool that allows you to keep track of your tasks. Assign tasks to project collaborators and receive alerts when they make comments or complete tasks. Set daily and weekly objectives, as well as a visual representation of your productivity patterns. Todoist boards can help you organize your work. To get a project started, use templates. Zapier, IFTTT, Google Calendar, Amazon Alexa, and a slew of other apps are all supported.

14. Remember The Milk

Price: Free. Pro is $39.99/year

Remember The Milk is a helpful to-do list app. Make as many lists as you need and break them down into smaller tasks. Priorities, due dates, repetitions, lists, tags, and more may help you stay organized. Create Smart Lists using almost 50 different search operators. Email, SMS, instant messaging, Twitter, and mobile applications may all be used to remind you. To get things done faster, share lists and assign tasks to others. Gmail, Google Calendar, and other Google services are all supported.

Final word

These get things done apps are bound to help you manage your work-life balance. Some of these tools utilize the Pomodoro technique of time organizing and others are simple yet effective task management tools.

The catch is – you can use these get things done apps for your private life as well. Organize how you clean your home or prepare meals. Use the teams feature in these apps to include your whole family in necessary activities. In time, you’ll feel all the benefits of better organization.

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