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2 Ways To Create Your Definition of Success Without Breaking A Sweat

You’ll agree that the definition of success is different for everyone. Some aspire to expand their family, others to earn millions. Still, many get lost among the pages of social media, thinking they need something while in reality, they shifted their focus. Others self-sabotage to an extent where they start pretending that the life they live is good enough. Here are our two cents on how you can create your definition of success today and let it lead you forward.

What is a Definition of Success?

According to Google, success is defined as a sense of accomplishment or an aim or a purpose. So, let’s start from there. Drawing a conclusion from this definition, we can say that personal success means achieving any or many personal goals, whatever they might be.

Some examples might include:

  • Finishing college
  • Writing a book
  • Getting married
  • Being content

Happiness vs Being Content

Now, let’s take a look at ‘being content’ as an achievement. On its own, being content is different than being happy. Happiness is short-term. Meaning that even if you’d aspire to feel happy, you could achieve it but it would only last for as long as you pay attention to it. Let’s talk examples.

Your goal is to purchase a new car. You believe you’ll be happy when it happens – and you are. In time, the car starts becoming a habit and the happiness fades away. But the feeling of driving a safe car and the ability to go where you want – the freedom, can birth the feeling of being content.

It’s a feeling that will stick around for quite some time and keep you company even though you can’t quite pinpoint why.

Becoming content means that deep down you feel at peace knowing where you are and what you’ve achieved. You don’t have to pay attention to being content, you don’t have to revive the feeling, or force it.

Becoming content after achieving a personal goal is the ideal definition of success.

It would’ve been perfect if you could achieve this emotion all the time. If after every goal you manage to tackle, there’s the feeling of fulfillment. However, there may be circumstances you can’t change, that may prevent you from reaching this state at the desired timespan. These circumstances may also get you off track, believing that what you’re chasing must be the right thing to chase.

Create Your Own Definition of Success

How you would define success strongly depends on your traits. While some traits guarantee you’ll stick around until you accomplish your goals, others can trip you up and take you sideways. Highly emotional people have a hard time building a business empire, while calculated and cold individuals are struggling with finding love.

The definition of success in life is also related to how much you’re willing to work for your goals. How much your goal means to you is directly proportional to the amount of work you’ll put into it. However, there are few issues with setting up goals:

  • As you mature, your goals can change
  • You may realize your goals aren’t worth it
  • You might become scared along the way

These are just some issues that can affect how you perceive your goal and thus making you question what your definition of success is. For example, leaving the country is a great goal that can result in you feeling content. Unfortunately, you may realize that you can’t leave just yet or that leaving scares you more than you thought before actually making the first step.

Here’s what you can do to clear up the confusion and create a personal definition of success.

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Define Your Best Traits

While we did mention that some personal traits may lead to better end results, and vice versa, finding out your best traits can help you decide whether that goal you set is the perfect outcome for you.

The first thing we recommend is talking to your therapist. They can be objective and clearly state why they believe you have a list of certain personality traits. If you don’t have a therapist, consider talking to a life coach. These people are there to help you out, plus you can be completely honest with them regarding your question.

Another solution that you should take with a grain of salt is to discuss your personal traits with your family. We say with the grain of salt since your fam will probably be too subjective with how they describe you.

Finally, you can head over to the internet and a couple of the famous MBTI personality tests. These tests are somewhat correct, and if you do a couple of them and have a match, you can be certain that they’re true. Now check to see whether your goals and definition of success align with your personality type. With this, you minimize the chances of being disappointed in the long run.

Write Down all Your Goals

Writing down your goals on their own will help you create a personal definition of success quickly. Start by writing down all your goals. Then let the paper rest for a few days. This will help you cool off. Proceed to look at the paper and make a selection of goals you believe you can achieve in a month, a year, and a few years down the road.

Take a good look at those goals.

Do they make you proud?

Do you have a strong faith in yourself regarding your goals?

Are you willing to devote your time and efforts to achieve them?

Ask yourself various questions, and determine your relationship with these goals. You may also write the answers if you feel like it.

If you did a good job, your list will contain similar goals that might overlap. Once you think about achieving them, you’ll have a unique feeling of accomplishment that you won’t get with other goals in mind.

If you’re more of a visual type, you can create a storyboard with images of your goals, or if you prefer audio, you can record yourself reciting them.

These goals have now become your definition of success. Now, it’s time to go in-depth on goal setting and work on getting there.

Final Thought

The definition of success is closely related to how you perceive yourself concerning your goals. However, it’s essential to consider your character and how your goals fit in with your definition of success. Many goals you set will get you happy but not content. The moral of the story is: get to know yourself better and check whether your goals align with your personality. Keep in mind, though, that even if they don’t, you can work on making them happen.

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