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7 Ways to Be Highly Productive While Working Remotely

Sometimes we might feel unproductive when working remotely. All we see around us are screens, and we all know how draining that can feel for our eyes and psyche. (That’s why we also need digital detox!)

Luckily, there are ways to feel more productive and motivated while working remotely. If you became the person who just can’t take it anymore, keep reading to see what you can do.

1. EFT Technique for Releasing Emotions

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It can be used as a brief and cost-effective treatment for anxiety, fear, phobias, depression, PTSD, and other emotions that you can feel as the consequence of the pandemic.

Once you liberate your emotions, you’ll feel better and become ready to tackle daily tasks with an increased productivity.

It’s a scientifically proven method of releasing how you feel and working on changing your emotions. EFT is also called psychological acupressure because of the meridian points that you will be touching when practicing it. These are the steps to follow.

Identify the issue

During this step, you should think about the problem that you wish to resolve, in this case, the intrusive feeling of fear from the disease. You should choose only one issue as your focus. 

Test the initial intensity

Rank the intensity of the problem on a scale of 0–10, with 10 being the worst. This ranking system allows you to assess the effectiveness of the tapping after you’ve done it. 

The phrase

Before starting the tapping itself, you should decide on the sentence that you’ll speak to acknowledge the issue. In the Covid-19 case it can be something like: 

“Even though I have am afraid of the virus, I deeply and completely accept the fear.”

The sequence

The tapping points are:

  • top of the head (TOH) — directly in the center of the top of the head
  • beginning of the eyebrow (EB) — the beginning of the brow, just above and to the side of the nose
  • side of the eye (SE) — on the bone at the outside corner of the eye
  • under the eye (UE) — on the bone under the eye, approximately 1 inch (in) below the pupil
  • under the nose (UN) — the point between the nose and upper lip
  • chin point (CH) — halfway between the underside of the lower lip and the bottom of the chin
  • beginning of the collarbone (CB) — the point where the breastbone (sternum), collarbone, and first rib intersect
  • under the arm (UA) — at the side of the body, approximately 4 in below the armpit

When tapping, use two or more fingertips and repeat the tap approximately five times on each point.

Since you can mirror the tapping on some parts on your body, you can tap on the one side only, or use both hands to tap on both sides. 

Test the intensity again

Rank your issue again and repeat the process until you reach zero. See the video for further explanation. 

2. Organize a Virtual Party 

Lacking human contact during social distancing and working remotely has an adverse affect on how we feel. A virtual party won’t be the same as going to a concert, but you can still organize a fun Skype meeting and have all your friends join you.

You can even cook together, and each of you can create a different meal to serve. You can think of a themed virtual meeting, or play a game together. Possibilities are endless, and only your imagination can stop you.

3. Use a Mental Health Chatbot 

If it’s really hard for you to cope with the consequences of the pandemic and all that it brought along, consider chatting with one of the mental health chatbots. They can determine the level of your distress and provide you with legit advice on what to do without judging you and/or being too personal.

Follow the instructions and work on keeping your mental health in check. In time, you’ll see that you’re becoming more productive.

4. Change Work Environment 

Now that we’ve covered that you need to be mentally prepared to cope with the consequences of the pandemic, it’s time to set up your work environment. Working remotely usually means working from home. You’ll have to select your corner and dedicate it to your work desk. Set up your working desk in a similar manner you did the one in your office.

This will help you maintain the same habits you had while being present at work and keep your productivity high.

If you had plants, put some plants near your computer. If you’ll look at the screen for the most time, set up some of the blue light options to keep your eyes rested as much as you can. Make sure the working room is not your bedroom at the same time, because your mind is conditioned to sleep in that environment.

working remotely

5. Avoid Wearing Pajamas 

Wearing pajamas will also get you sleepy. Instead, dress for success. Bonus points – you’ll be ready for a sudden interview or a video call. Working remotely doesn’t mean that you get to become too relaxed. You can always try the pajamas but if those get you lazy, dress up.

6. Try the Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro technique is based on the good old knowledge that your results will be better when you take breaks in your work. Choose your task, set the timer for 25 minutes, work on the task until it rings, once it rings mark the task as done. Enjoy your short break.

The best thing – every four pomodoros you’ll get a bigger pause! Meaning that while you’re working remotely you get to enjoy longer pauses that are well deserved.

7. Get more sleep 

Many people claim that working remotely from the comfort of their home helped them improve their lives and get better sleep and work-life balance.

More sleep equals better productivity and better productivity equals tasks done faster. Which can only mean one thing – more time for yourself! To get better sleep, avoid drinking alcohol often, try to turn your devices off before going to bed, and have a light dinner. 


No matter how glamorized it gets, working remotely is not an easy task, especially if you’re used to being in the office before. Turning on the Zoom conference isn’t the solution, but working on feeling better is. Use the EFT technique to release negative emotions and (re)organize your home office in such way that you’ll keep your work habits and increase productivity.

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