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This List of 7 Cool Apps for Goal Setting Will Change Your Life

Setting goals in life can be a challenge.

Luckily, the latest technology gives us a solution in terms of apps that help you set your goals and achieve them.  

Keep reading to learn more about apps for goal setting and what they can do for you.

Is there an app for setting goals?

If you’re looking

1. ToodLedo  Free

This is one of the most powerful apps for goal setting. ToodLedo is the most flexible app on this list and it helps you attain your goals quickly. It is a great task and time manager app filled with lots of options and a variety of organizational features.

You can set reminders, due dates for projects, write down other tasks, put a task on repeat, make custom lists, write long notes, and much more. It enables you to track your habits and make improvements in them if needed. Widgets can be customized at your convenience. The pop-up alarms are audible, increasing the odds of you noticing them on time.

Toodledo connects you with family, friends, and co-workers. You can even sync all your data in the cloud. It gives several organizational options such as folders, search filters, tags, etc. Toodledo is available for Android and iOS.

2. Done  Free, or $39.99/year

DONE is one of the best apps for goal setting, it brilliantly combines habit-tracking and goal into one. You can set “quit habits” or “build habits” for as many days, weeks, or months as you like. Each completed habit continues the success streak, which motivates you to do more.

You can even see your weekly, monthly, and yearly summaries. It also offers passcode protection. The free version also has limited habit tracking while the paid version has it all!

3. Forest: Stay focused $1.99 for lifetime access

There must be tons of timer apps for assisting you to work without any interruption but the Forest app just changes the game. This is one of the apps for goal setting which has a really cute interface – and it’s gamified!

Open the app and select your timer length – anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Once you begin the timer, a seed is planted and will grow as long as the timer is running. However, if you exit the app your tree will die. It prevents you from wasting time on social media, scrolling around, and texting.

You can even sync it up with the desktop through Chrome Extension. You can collect coins by successfully letting a tree grow, the coins can also be used for planting real-life trees!

4. Strides  Free, or $4.99/month, $29.99/year, $79.99/lifetime access

Strides, a quality set goals app that is simple to use. You can set everyday habits that are relevant to your goal, it will help you get closer to your objectives. Just pick a goal, set a target, define the action you will take for it and you’re done. Successful habits are highlighted by green, incompleted by red.

Track your goals monthly, weekly, or daily, data will be collected and synced to your account. Thus, you get up-to-date stats about your productivity whether you access it from a mobile device, a computer, or any other platform. With the premium version, you get access to the dashboard. Out of all the apps for goal setting for iOS, this one is our favorite due to its simplicity.

5. Way of life  Free, or $7.99 for lifetime access

A top-rated habit tracker app that has a daily checklist mode. Way of Life shows you a statistical presentation of your progress. Just pick a goal action and give the context whether the action performed by you to achieve the goal is good or bad. The app will give you daily reminders about your progress and what you did and what you didn’t.

It has a relatively simple user interface and over time will provide you with stats using bar charts, trend lines, chains, etc. 

6. Trello  Free

An app that will help you perform all team’s, family’s, and your to-dos in one place comfortably. It can be accessed either from your device or desktop. Trello is among the best apps for goal setting if you’ve got a project manager kinda mindset.

You’ll love Trello not only for work-related tasks but also for keeping an eye on a list of ongoing habits at all times. You can easily schedule future meetings, mark types of work with color, and set recurring reminders. You can effortlessly alternate between a desktop and a device the whole day.

Trello is also a collaborative tool, it allows you to assign responsibility in real-time for any task. You can coordinate tasks with a remote team, plan trips, etc. If you want organizational functionality then the free version allows you to establish 10 boards with unlimited cards and lists.

7. Free

This is one of the free apps for goal setting and it claims to be the leading habit tracking app, which might be true, depending on what you need., as the name suggests, offers personalized coaching and leadership coaching, as a part of its service. One thing you can’t deny about is its smooth and slick user interface.

Using, simply select a goal, track your progress, stick to your goals for which you will be rewarded. It also has a community and hundreds of people like you that are chasing their goals. Connect with them, socialize and ask questions about their progress, goals, and approach.

The best thing about – there is an option to hire a personal coach for just $15 who will assist you with your goals. It is available for both Android and iOS.

More apps for goal setting

Some other recommended apps for goal setting that we found useful include:


You shouldn’t struggle to set new goals in life or improve the ones you already struggle to achieve. Besides the standard pen and paper goal setting routine, today you have access to various mobile apps that help you find motivation and improve your life.

These apps for goal setting can do more than just turn into a to-do lists. You can use them on all your devices to manage work and private life and things you must do daily.

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