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55 Self-care Checklist Items to Start With Today

How do you write a self-care checklist without feeling like it’s too much?

A self-care checklist should be a list of things you love doing while on your own. It should serve to help you relax, regain motivation, and boost your happiness.

However, a self-care checklist shouldn’t become a burden or a list of things you have to do to feel better. Practicing self-care involves realizing what you enjoy the most and finding the time to make it happen.

When you approach to the creation of self-care checklist, know how much of a free time you have, be realistic about your routine, and start with the basics.

If you’re still lost, keep reading our list of 55 self-care checklist items to get you started.

1. Take a nap

It will freshen you up, boost your mood and help you relax. From 15 minutes to 2 hours, choose it yourself.

2. Order in your dinner

Enjoy the food from your beloved restaurant and sleep with a full belly.

3. Be selfish

It is certainly okay to say no to someone and prioritize yourself. If something doesn’t sit right with you, say to and make it an integral part of your self-care checklist.

4. Make your bed

Don’t forget to include making a bed in your self-care checklist as well. It will take just a few minutes but will be worth it.

5. Take a screen-time break

Because resting from screens is important in many aspects.

6. Connect with somebody

Socializing can help you reduce stress and can stimulate your mood. This is why we mentioned it in this self-care checklist.

7. Meditate

Try to meditate daily for at least 10 mins, preferably in the morning.

8. Unplug from the tech

Spend 1-2 hours without your laptop, phone, tablet, TV, PC, and any other technology daily

9. Visit an old buddy

A good conversation about your old days with them will surely cheer you up and will make you smile.

10. Make a list of things you love about yourself

Self-love is vital. Besides this self-care checklist, make yourself smile with a list of compliments about yourself.

11. Do something for someone

Whether it is checking up on your neighbor, helping them with some task, or sending letters to your old friends, relatives, parents to ask about their well-being, doing something for someone else can make you feel better.

12. Feed an animal

Feed a stray kitten, dog, or any other animal. Random acts of kindness are beautiful and should always find a place on your self-care checklist.

13. Take a nice walk around the city

Plugin your favorite playlist and just stroll around.

14. Practice a new/old hobby

Arts, crafts, music, writing, gardening, cooking – remember what you liked doing before.

15. Let curiosity run wild

Wonder about the world, mysterious nature, beautiful deep oceans, endless darkness in space, and learn something new.

16. Spend time with your loved ones

Spend some time with your partner, kids, or anybody else you love.

17. Visit your parents

Go visit your parents this weekend or invite them for dinner and spend some quality family time together.

18. Pray

If you’re religious then pray for a good amount of time and connect with the Creator.

19. Ask and offer help

Ask for help from your neighbor, friends, family members, etc, or offer them help even with simple things.

20. Smile

When you make eye contact with a stranger, give him/her a warm smile. It will surely make their day.

21. Improve and learn new skills

Working on your skills is a great self-investment for your professional career.

22. Follow/unfollow people on social media

Follow those who make you laugh, inspire, and those you like. Unfollow anyone spreading negativity and hate.

23. Have a picnic

Go on a picnic, a dinner, or even movies at the theater alone.

24. Dance

Play your favorite song and dance like crazy!

25. Watch funny videos on YouTube

It’s always great to laugh and rejoice at the funny stuff on YouTube.

26. Stay hydrated

Refill your water bottle, whether at home or work. Drink plenty of water.

27. Plan your dream vacation

Most of our dream vacations never come true, but there is no harm in imagining yourself chilling in Hawaii!

28. Netflix and chill

Watch the latest movies or series available on Netflix. Or maybe rewatch your favorite show once again with someone you love?

29. Make yourself a fancy coffee or drink at home

Be the barista for yourself!

30. Visit a museum

Whether art or history, visit a museum that you’d like. It will make your day.

31. Go shopping

Buy yourself a nice pair of shoes or a pretty dress.

32. Sing like a bird

Showcase your vocal skills and sing at the top of your lungs.

33. Open a savings account

It is best to take care of your finances to help you in the future when needed.

34. Get organized

Prepare a daily routine that includes work life and personal life. Try to follow it.

35. Turn your surroundings green

Start a garden if possible or get your favorite plant and place it at the window or a desk in the office or home.

36. Visit a park or zoo

Watch the wild animals up close in the zoo or just chill and feel the grass in the park.

37. Sleep for enough hours

Have 7-9 hours of sleep each night, depending on your body.

38. Attend an event

You’ll really have a fun time and will surely make some new connections.

39. Ride a bike

Go biking this week and look around the city. It will be a nice workout too.

40. Volunteer

Volunteer using your skill or time at some community or NGOs.

41. Donate

Donate to a well-trusted charity, many people and animals are in need around the world.

42. Learn a new language

Always wanted to learn French or any other language? Start learning with the help of Duolingo.

43. Listen to a podcast

Grab your earbuds, lock the door, and lay down on the bed, listening to your favorite podcast for as long as you want.

44. Cook a new recipe for yourself

Learn a new recipe on YouTube and cook it for yourself.

45. Get a massage

Nothing beats a relaxing massage at a spa after a long time.

46. Change your bed sheets

Nothing like falling asleep on a fresh and clean bed sheet.

47. Paint your nails

It will be cheaper, better and more fun.

48. Have a stretching session

Not a vigorous exercise, just 20 minutes of stretching.

49. Take a long and soothing bath

Just hop into the bathtub, play songs, and sit there for a long time.

50. Download a game

Maybe consider an old game that you used to play once?

51. Get some vitamin D

Sit on your balcony, porch, garden, or terrace.

52. Clean your room or workspace

The tidy look will be worth it and make you feel better.

53. Read a new book

A new book is definitely something you need to try.

54. Prepare an it’s-done list

Write everything that you’ve accomplished so far and the things you plan to achieve ahead.

55. Create a skincare routine

Want that soft and smooth skin? It will surely require you to build a routine for it and then stick to it.

Final word

Did you find something you’d love doing today? Make sure to include it in your self-care checklist and get some free time to enjoy your own company.

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